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“April gave me the keys to developing story, as well as the mentorship to push my characters’ boundaries. Thank you for an information packed, truly deep experience!”

~ Karen P., Writer & Artist, Vancouver, BC 

“I am ecstatic to report that Deep Story Design (DSD) is a ‘Place’. French anthropologist and author Marc Auge wrote regarding ‘Places’ vs. ‘Non-Places’ in his book on super-modernity. I ponder Auge’s work every time I sit down at the outset of workshops like DSD. Will this hold enough significance to be a Place? Or just another Non-Place? Deep Story Design was a great experience! April artfully guides the group through the arc of the material and down the rabbit holes that present the greatest challenges for writers — developing deeper character profiles and a clarified sense of how this propels the plot — and the group dynamic, synergy, is inspired by it. I recommend every writer take this course!”

~ Jay Bates, Writer, Vancouver, BC 

What people are saying…

“April is the deep of Deep Story Design. She is a gentle Story Whisperer, so talented at what she does, with a remarkably deep understanding of story and a way of embracing the whole room with her generous spirit.”

~ Margo Lamont, Writer & Founder of Grind Writers, Vancouver, BC

“I’ve attended quite a few writing classes and workshops over the past four decades, but none has taught me as much or helped me more than Deep Story Design Online.”

~ Prof. Douglas Gray, Writer, Columbus, Ohio

“April has an exceptional ability to make the concepts of story design clear and practical. She is a passionate instructor with a firm grounding in the complex aspects of building strong stories.”

~ Stephanie B., poet and novelist, Vancouver, BC

“I had the pleasure of taking April’s class in Paris. With each story aspect she discussed, huge light bulbs went off for me. I came away with a new appreciation for story, and particularly, for her take on story. She is very intuitive, and always pointed me toward deeper questions: Why do I want to tell this story?  How can telling this story bring meaning to my life?  How can that same meaning be conveyed to readers or audiences? She is one of the best writing teachers I’ve ever had.”

~ Kartik Singh, Film Director, Paris

“April was sympathetic and empathetic to all the participants. Her enthusiasm was infectious in encouraging any form of good writing as a cathartic experience. Good writing, authentic writing, requires us to peel back the layers to something more believable and engaging. I can thoroughly recommend the workshop to fellow writers whether published or not.”

~ Penny Levitt, Writer, Vancouver, BC

“After participating in her workshop on story, I was inspired, informed, and anxious to return to my writing to implement all I had learned. If you have an opportunity to take one of her classes, do so!”

~ Jude Walsh Whelley, Writer, Dayton, Ohio

“April has a wonderful gift for giving thoughtful, specific, very useful notes on writing projects.  I recently had her read a draft of a feature script and she had a great idea for a new scene that ended up addressing several character and story issues all at once and it was a breeze for me to write it. She is intuitive, intelligent, articulate, kind, good-humored, very well-educated and experienced in the art of workshopping material.”

~ Eileen Walls, Screenwriter, Los Angeles, CA

“I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Paris participating in April’s story workshop. She made the learning process accessible with a clear structure, fantastic notes and was completely inspiring. So much so that later in the year I had several hours of one to one coaching with April. Her knowledge, gentle strength and utter belief in my creative potential continues to carry me through a challenging process that I have struggled for years to extract on my own but which, under her purposeful guidance, is unfolding.”

~ Michelle Saleeba, Artist, Expressive Art Facilitator & Writer, Perth, Western Australia

“This workshop was the next step I needed to work on more complex writing projects. Thanks, April!”

~ Sarah Farina, Vancouver, BC

“Last year, I published my debut novel, Grant of Immunity. The Publisher’s Weekly review of my novel referred to it as a “gripping read.” However, were it not for April’s instruction, guidance and insight, this novel would not exist. I met April after I’d written the first draft of my novel. I was at an impasse, realizing my story wasn’t working, but not knowing what to do to improve it. April read my manuscript. Her comments and analysis helped me craft my words into a credible and cohesive story.  She has an extraordinary ability to spot structural flaws and suggest ways to correct and improve plot points. Through April’s guidance and examples, I learned much about adding emotional depth to my scenes, deepening character development and avoiding back-story pitfalls.”

~ Garret Holms, Novelist, Los Angeles, CA

“Gave me the fundamental push towards productive creativity. Thank you!”

~ Erin R., Writer, Vancouver, BC

“April’s Deep Story Design workshop exceeded my expectations. I have been struggling with my story and its characters. April’s devotion to clarity and deeper pursuit of writing gave me invaluable insights into improving my writing and making the characters come alive. She has a gentle and relaxed style in presenting her inspiring knowledge. I highly recommend her workshops.”

~ Tinni Zacco, Writer, Vancouver, BC

“April’s workshop in Paris was a delight. She takes a complex subject and breaks it down into more manageable parts. We had a clear programme at the outset and each session topic was covered thoroughly. Her content is immediately useable. April has a very nice easy, relaxed style when it comes to presenting her material. I can highly recommend April’s workshops whatever your level of interest in telling a story.”

~ Vivien McKnight, Creativity Developer, UK & Spain

“It was pure chance that I stumbled on April’s Deep Story Design workshop, and I’m so glad I did. She reawakened my belief in myself as a writer, and left me full of ideas on how to approach both structure and character design for a novel I’ve been struggling with for some time. Highly recommended!”

~ Shirley Rudolph, Writer, Vancouver, BC

“The experience was inspiring for me!”

~ Jennifer H., Writer, Vancouver, BC

“April reminded me of the structure that’s been missing (dormant) in my work.”

~ Joan B., Writer, Vancouver, BC


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