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“There’s something slightly alchemical about the Deep Story Design Online process. As I toddled along week by week, the lessons would offer me new insights, or sometimes helpful reminders, surrounding the craft of structuring a story; and the homework never felt onerous… but then, I started having these breakthroughs with my project. The lessons and exercises felt like I was merely chipping away, but suddenly a form started to emerge. As a result of this 8-week course, I’m raring to get down to creating the draft of that screenplay I’ve been tiptoeing around for so long. My deepest thanks!”
~ Andrew, Screenwriter, Toronto

“Deep Story Design has given me an actionable tool kit to make a great story with. Though the course was a deep dive into the ways of writing a story that will resonate with the readers’ unconscious dreams and conflicts, as good story should. April is an intuitive, skilled and extremely generous story coach. Her wisdom shines though in the content and particularly in the ‘face to face’ mentoring online. She has given me exactly what I needed to take my writing seriously and evolve to the next phase. I wholeheartedly recommend this course.”

~ Dr. Bernadette Geraghty



Workshops & Online Courses

Inspiring Strategies for Successful Storytelling

As a writer, you want to write stories that work, stories that satisfy your audience, stories that come alive with meaning. This is true whether you’re writing a novel, a screenplay, or a memoir.

In person workshops and online courses are designed to offer practical story-crafting skills coupled with insight, inspiration, and motivation to help you write the stories you want to tell.

Workshops and courses are scheduled on a rolling basis throughout the year. Check the Events page for updates or sign up for the monthly newsletter to be the first to learn about new courses and offerings.

Deep Story Design Online

Mastering the principles of story structure and the stages of character development is essential for writers who want to design stories with depth and resonance. Deep Story Design is an 8-week online course that integrates lessons in story structure and character development with exploratory exercises that will allow you to:

  • Understand the principles of classical 3-act story structure and how it provides the framework for your unique story design
  • Develop strong characters that embody transformation and propel plots
  • Uncover personal truths that reveal the depth and authenticity of your creative voice

What you learn in these 8 weeks will serve your writing for years to come.

This course is taught once per year and includes live group sessions, weekly instructor feedback on your individual project, and an optional post-course personal story coaching session (valid for 6 months).

To find out when the next session will be offered, check the events schedule above or email for info.


“Combining both April’s online Deep Story Design class with 1:1 coaching was exactly what I needed! I wish the MFA fiction program I graduated from years ago had someone like April. Her lessons, plus her thoughtful and insightful responses to students, are a gift that keeps giving long after the course is over. Highly recommended!”

~ Lily Chien, San Francisco

“April’s class helped me to get clear about my story. Her process, tools, and tricks helped me to free myself from writer’s block and dead-end journeys that waste time. April provides writers with an action plan to streamline and plot out their story matrix. She is a story wrangler.”

~ Laura Haas, North Carolina

“For many writers, getting the words down on paper is the easy part. Understanding how to tell a story is the bit that confounds us. April Bosshard is a story genie. In her story design workshop, you will learn the best way to structure your narrative for maximum impact and how exactly to tame an unruly plot. Highly recommended.”

~ Anita Chaudhuri, London, UK


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