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“I am ecstatic to report that Deep Story Design (DSD) is a ‘Place’. French anthropologist and author Marc Auge wrote regarding ‘Places’ vs. ‘Non-Places’ in his book on super-modernity. I ponder Auge’s work every time I sit down at the outset of workshops like DSD. Will this hold enough significance to be a Place? Or just another Non-Place? Deep Story Design was a great experience! April artfully guides the group through the arc of the material and down the rabbit holes that present the greatest challenges for writers — developing deeper character profiles and a clarified sense of how this propels the plot — and the group dynamic, synergy, is inspired by it. I recommend every writer take this course!”This workshop was the next step I needed to work on more complex writing projects. Thanks, April!”

~ Jay Bates, Writer, Vancouver, BC 

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