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“April is the deep of Deep Story Design. She is a gentle Story Whisperer, so talented at what she does, with a remarkably deep understanding of story and a way of embracing the whole room with her generous spirit.”

~ Margo Lamont, Writer & Founder of Grind Writers, Vancouver, BC


“April was sympathetic and empathetic to all the participants. Her enthusiasm was infectious in encouraging any form of good writing as a cathartic experience. Good writing, authentic writing, requires us to peel back the layers to something more believable and engaging. I can thoroughly recommend the workshop to fellow writers whether published or not.”

~ Penny Levitt, Writer, Vancouver, BC

About Deep Story Design


 As writers, we want to write stories that work, stories that satisfy audiences, stories that come alive with meaning. This is true whether we are writing novels, screenplays, or memoirs. Mastering the principles of story structure and the stages of character development is essential for writers who want to design stories with depth and resonance.

Deep Story Design is for writers who want to improve their writing skills by understanding and mastering powerful storytelling principles. Through workshops, classes, and coaching, Deep Story Design strives to inform and inspire writers to tell the stories they care about with confidence and clarity.

Movies have strongly influenced modern storytelling. Whether we are aware of it or not, cinematic structure has impacted the way we read and interpret stories. All writers can benefit from understanding fundamental screenwriting principles. Such principles are based on distilled versions of playwriting, traditional novel construction, and Aristotle’s classic, Poetics. These principles have evolved naturally over time into a contemporary storytelling language to which we all innately respond.

About April Bosshard

About April Bosshard

Deep Story Design grew out of my desire to create a workshop that puts equal emphasis on the quality of the writing, the effectiveness of the story, and the personal journey of the individual writer.

As a writer myself, I know what it’s like to struggle with plot, worry about characters, and get mired in theme. With my background in film and television, I bring a solid knowledge of screenwriting structure principles to my writing, teaching, and coaching.

In my experience, most writers are dedicated to making their stories the best they can be, creating work that captures audiences, and being true to themselves as creators.

I believe that an understanding of the principles of story structure and the stages of character development, when balanced with a writer’s authentic voice and deepest values, gives rise to compelling stories that have both depth and resonance. More About April


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