Category: April Bosshard

Is it Time for a Break?

I'm fond of saying writers always have homework, but I also get tired of feeling that there's always more to do, always something incomplete needing attention. It's both a blessing and curse of being creative; one always has "multiple projects in various states of...

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Do You Have a Routine?

Do you follow some kind of routine when you write? Most creative people I know (including  myself) dislike routines but can’t get much done without them. Though we do try! Routines can feel rigid, boring, mechanical, or lacking vitality—or so those who resist routines...

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Writing Scenes

You have a ton of tasks to tend to when it comes to crafting your stories, and writing scenes is one of them. What is a scene? A useful writer’s definition goes something like this: a scene consists of action through conflict in more or less continuous time and space...

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