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Welcome to Deep Story Design

As writers, we want to write stories that work, stories that satisfy audiences, stories that come alive with meaning. This is true whether we are writing novels, screenplays, or memoirs.

Mastering the principles of story structure and the stages of character development is essential for writers who want to design stories with depth and resonance.

Deep Story Design can help you if…

You know story structure is important but you aren’t really sure what it is.
You have a rough draft, but with no apparent beginning, middle, or end.
You have a great idea for a story but you don’t know how or where to begin.

Or maybe…

You keep struggling with plot.
Your characters lack passion, motivation, or the complexity of real people.
Your characters don’t seem to evolve or change over time.

And possibly…

You long to create more meaning in your stories and in your own process of writing.
You want to write a novel, screenplay, or memoir but feel daunted by the task.
You love to write but avoid making time for it in your life.

Deep Story Design offers learning opportunities, resources, and support for writers who want to balance their evolving writing skills with effective story structure principles.

“I had the pleasure of taking April’s class in Paris. With each story aspect she discussed, huge light bulbs went off for me. I came away with a new appreciation for story, and particularly, for her take on story. She is very intuitive, and always pointed me toward deeper questions: Why do I want to tell this story?  How can telling this story bring meaning to my life?  How can that same meaning be conveyed to readers or audiences? She is one of the best writing teachers I’ve ever had.”

~ Kartik Singh, Film Director, Paris