Story Coaching with April Bosshard

Hi ,  Im  April 

Let me help you unlock the magic of your story. 


I work with novelists, memoirists, and screenwriters to design meaningful stories with depth and resonance.

I believe a story’s magic can flourish when an understanding of the principles of story structure and the stages of character development are balanced with a writer’s authentic voice and deepest values.

To that end, my workshops and coaching programs are designed to support writers to improve their writing skills and cultivate a mastery of storytelling principles so they can tell the stories they care about with greater confidence and clarity. 

Story Coaching

1:1 customized coaching programs, manuscript evaluations, story chat sessions for writers working on novels, screenplays, and memoirs. 

Writing Time

Monthly and weekly co-working sessions, writing retreats and Q&A events.


Classes and programs to help writers develop craft skills, complete drafts, and revise manuscripts.