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Story Coaching with April Bosshard

Welcome! I’m April. 

I’m a writer and story coach. I work with novelists, memoirists, and screenwriters to design meaningful stories with depth and resonance. I am passionate about story craft and care wholeheartedly about the aspirations and successes of the writers I work with. If you’d like to set up a call to find out if I can help you with your project, send me an email. Thank you for visiting Deep Story Design.  


“I had the pleasure of taking April’s class in Paris. With each story aspect she discussed, huge light bulbs went off for me. I came away with a new appreciation for story, and particularly, for her take on story. She is very intuitive, and always pointed me toward deeper questions: Why do I want to tell this story?  How can telling this story bring meaning to my life?  How can that same meaning be conveyed to readers or audiences? She is one of the best writing teachers I’ve ever had.”

~ Kartik Singh, Film Director, Paris

“Deep Story Design Online helped me to get clear about my story. The process, tools, and tricks helped me to free myself from writer’s block and dead-end journeys that waste time. April provides writers with an action plan to streamline and plot out their story matrix. She is a story wrangler.”

~ Laura Haas, Writer, North Carolina

There’s something slightly alchemical about the Deep Story Design Online process. Week by week, the lessons offered me new insights, or sometimes helpful reminders, surrounding the craft of structuring a story. I started having these breakthroughs with my project. As a result of this 8-week course, I’m raring to get down to creating the draft of that screenplay I’ve been tiptoeing around for so long.”

~ Andrew M., Screenwriter, Toronto

“Working with April on my travel memoir was an absolute pleasure. I took her class at the San Miguel de Allende Writer’s Conference, followed up with participating in her online class and then worked with her one-on-one on my story arc. April is a creative, sensitive reader, and gives very specific but gracious feedback. She is a pro when it comes to building an engaging story and I totally trust her advice. I’m not sure I ever would have finished by manuscript without her counsel.”

~ Marianne Bohr, Author of Gap Year Girl and the forthcoming, The Twenty