Jugglers or Jesters?

by | Nov 30, 2017

As writers we get used to juggling a lot. Not many of us can get by on writing alone. And, of course, we need to live an engaged life in order to have anything decent to write about. But there are days when it feels like ‘too much.’ I sometimes wonder if I’m fooling myself, jesting instead of juggling.

A good writer friend of mine said to me recently: “It’s hard to do anything at all and *also* write a novel.” I tend to agree, and yet this is what we find ourselves doing. So how do we stay limber? How do we keep our expectations about productivity grounded in reality?

Remembering the big picture helps me sometimes. I may not get much done in a day, but over the course of a year, or three, things begin to add up. Talking candidly with other writers helps too. We all struggle with similar highs and lows. And the one I find most difficult: standing back to admire my own juggling once in a while, and appreciating my efforts. Remember. Share. Appreciate. I guess that applies to a lot in life.


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